Gold Coast Lady Anglers

Ventura County, California

Welcome Lady Anglers and Friends!

Upcoming Charters

Overnight Charter - Friday, May 5th 10pm Departure, Fish and Return Saturday.
Sign up by contacting Charter Diva - Lisa Rizzo to reserve your spot.
Charter is $148 or $123 plus your $25 voucher.

- Battle Charter - GCLA vs. Ventura Sport fishing Club
Overnight Charter - Depart Sat June 3rd, Fish and Return on Sunday 6pm(ish)
Sign up by contacting Charter Diva - Veronica Hurtado to get in the lottery - 9 Lady Anglers will be selected.  Charter is $195 or $170 plus your $25 voucher.

A Message from the President:

Lady Anglers and Friends,
The first GCLA charter of 2017 was a BLAST with 100% GCLA members; including some new to fishing.  The Aloha Spirit Crew treated us like Royalty.  We all ended the day with a full bag of beautiful rock fish, white fish, and ling cod. Jeanne won the jackpot, Kathy generously donated a bag of medical supplies - just in case; Elaine brought some fish gear which was raffled off.

Don't miss out - sign up for the next charter - May 5/6th on the Mirage.  As the water warms up, more species will be arriving in the Channel - halibut, white sea bass, yellow tails - all depends on the water temperature and the bait.

If you haven't fished with us - now is the time to get on board ~ It is not too late to become a member - click below to contact GCLA.  You are welcome to our monthly potluck dinner to see what we are all about. 

Ladies - thank you for making this Club so much fun both on and off the water.
Tight lines everyone !
Lisa Rizzo


Want to join the fun? GCLA is always accepting new members - click here to contact us