Gold Coast Lady Anglers

Ventura County, California

Welcome Lady Anglers and Friends!

Upcoming Charters

Mirage - Battle Charter - GCLA vs. Ventura Sport fishing Club - FULL
Overnight Charter - Depart Sat June 3rd, Fish and Return on Sunday 6pm(ish)
Sign up by contacting Charter Diva - Veronica Hurtado to get in the lottery - 9 Lady Anglers will be selected.  Charter is $195 or $170 plus your $25 voucher.

New Hustler - OPEN
Full Day Charter - Depart Sat July 8th @ 5:00am
Sign up by contacting Charter Diva - Veronica Hurtado
Charter is $85 or $60 plus your $25 voucher.

A Message from the President:

Lady Anglers and Friends,
It was so disappointing that our June Mirage Charter was cancelled due to bad weather.  We had a fantastic group of 22 Lady Anglers signed up and it was going to be a blast.  There were some new ladies who wanted to join the fun, so hopefully they will jump on the next charter to see how GCLA Fish !

The next charter is our Battle against the Men's Fishing Club, we have a great team of ladies ready to win that trophy back!  

In July Veronica has arranged a trip on a new boat - the New Hustler out of Hooks Landing Channel Islands.  It is a full day charter, with the use of bunks !  Contact Veronica if you want on, hopefully the yellow tail and white sea bass will stick around.

We are updating the Calendar with some new Events and Charters.  First, the
2nd Annual Aloha Fun Raiser will be Tuesday, July 18th at the Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura.  Full Dinner Tickets are $45 and GCLA members are welcome to bring Guests - the more the merrier.

Second, the email survey let us know that you don't mind changing the December Holiday to September 16th, this will allow us to charter the SpeedTwin and get more ladies on board fishing.  We will be celebrating our Holidays together in December with a Pot Luck dinner at Susan DeBuiser's home, and keep our tradition of exchanging a Fishy Gift at this event.

If you haven't fished with us - now is the time to get on board ~ It is not too late to become a member - click below to contact GCLA.  You are welcome to our monthly potluck dinner to see what we are all about. 

Ladies - thank you for making this Club so much fun both on and off the water.
Tight lines everyone !
Lisa Rizzo


Want to join the fun? GCLA is always accepting new members - click here to contact us